The Race that launch a thousand ships.

It’s been almost a month since the debacle at Abu Dhabi. Winds of words still being heard around the world about how can the FIA pull something so disrespectful and shameless. Casual fans come up to me in awe about how Lewis Hamilton got robbed of a record braking 8th world tittle. Remember, this are casual fans, not hard core fans like me and you who bleed, sweat and breathe Formula one.

The entire formula one world still can’t believe that the rules were manipulated in favor of entertainment. We heard all year around that it will be better for the sport to have someone else win the tittle. But the fact is that Lewis Hamilton it’s just that great, he kept the championship alive the entire season with a slower car, doing everything he could to make it all the way to the end. Heads were being scratched on how in the world he could keep the fight going with an inferior car.

Brazil. The turning point.

Lewis was definitely on another level for the last four races. He is been there done that. He knew what it takes to win clean and clear. For God sake he is a seven time world champion. He smoke checked the energy drink driver for the last four races and they didn’t have an answer for it. At Abu Dhabi lewis got the race won from the start. There was no slowing him down. They tried and failed.

So when they saw that no driver could beat him on track, they bend the rules. They took everyone’s breath away with how irresponsible and reckless the rules were ignored. It was manipulated. That is a fact. TeamLH will not be silenced. We will move on, I have move on. I’am looking forward for this year’s season. It will be a reminder of way Lewis Hamilton is the greatest of all time. Against all odds, on track and off track he will prevail. He has an entire army behind and again we will move on but we will never forget!

We will never forget.

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