Could F1 survive the immediate future without its biggest star?

Lewis Hamilton after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Rumor mills are working overtime as of lately all around the F1 world. Insiders are saying that Lewis has lost trust in the governing body. Who wouldn’t? After the debacle and disrespectful way the rules were not follow at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Mercedes made decisions during the safety car period in accordance with the rules.

The moment the world stood still

It’s been almost a month, tomorrow to be exact since we heard from Lewis, he has been disconnected from all social media outlets and deserves all the time he needs to get over one of the greatest heist if not the greatest robbery in sports history. We are all outraged still, and that is us as fans, imagine the person that dominated the entire race, drove a MasterClass from the start on slower tires and to be five laps away from extending his own record of championships for the rules to be manipulated in favor of entertainment and their great white hope? One thing that we as fans need to understand is that Lewis is doing perfectly fine. He just don’t want to put himself in situations that he doesn’t want at the moment.

If he is waiting on the investigation to be done before he makes a decision to come back or walk away, is there any hope after what the FIA and Michael Masi pulled out? Obviously he has no faith in them and why should he? There is no doubt in my mind that the race was manipulated and rules were not follow in accordance with. Time will tell on what the future holds for formula 1. In my opinion if Sir Lewis Hamilton walks away from the sport they will lose more than just the greatest of all time.

In the mean time we hope he comes back and reminds everyone who Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton really is. An eight time world champion.

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