Journalists and Pundits just don’t get it.

Has everyone seen this??????! 🤯

Above is the link to what Damon Hill just posted, my first reaction was, they just don’t get it. Lewis Hamilton does not want to be handed over a championship, that is not the point. The point is that the results, the season was manipulated in favor of the other Team and driver. We as fans speak on what we see, Mercedes and Lewis speak on what they see, hear and witness. Remember, they are the ones in the live action of everything.

What does disillusioned means: disappointed in someone or something that one discovers to be less good than one had believed. Who wouldn’t be after what went on at Abu Dhabi. Lewis has lost all trust in the governing body. They can tell you all these cool stuff that they are saying lately but we all know what is the deal. In my opinion they are doing something because the outrage of all TeamLH and fans of the sport not necessarily Lewis Hamilton fans.

Wrong is wrong

The problem we face is that there is a lot of people that know the race was manipulated, the rules were not follow as they should and a fake champion was crowned. Those folks are afraid to speak up to the system because calling people and entities out is not good for some and they will probably lose their jobs, so let’s just not stand up for what is right and let all the corruption and manipulation prevail. As for my understanding Johnny Herbert and Nico Rosberg were the only ones to call out F1 and the FIA right on the spot everyone else have stayed silent. It is time for people to accept they got it wrong, that rules were not follow as they were supposed to.

All day everyday

The sport’s biggest start, the one responsible for a new generation of fans, a new generation of young minorities that want to believe and become formula one world champions is awaiting the results of an investigation that deep down inside all of us could be already compromised. The world sits and wait on what the future holds and might not be ready for the 8th world champion to walk away. LP


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