What to expect from a very unpredictable 2022 Formula 1 season

There is a lot of anticipation about the 2022 Formula one season. From a completely redesigned car, to circuits making it back to calendar since 2019. The biggest question mark should be weather Sir Lewis Hamilton comes back or walks away.

23 races are scheduled to take part in this years calendar including the Miami Grand Prix build around the Hard Rock stadium complex. Very fast very narrow.

2022 F1 Calendar

This upcoming season will be different in a lot of ways, fans will look at it very different from previous ones because of what hangs around last year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Manipulation and rules broken, unacceptable.

Going back to expectations, how will the pecking order looks like? What teams are going to make the most gains? Some questions that we are all asking among us. Where will Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull end up? Ferrari has been working on their 2022 challenger and have been quiet about it. Ferrari in my opinion will be the surprise of the season. Also can’t forget about Aston Martin and McLaren, they have the resources to produce a very competitive car. How about the bottom of the order? Williams, Alfa Romeo? We have to remember that these new regulations are simpler and very straightforward. We should have more competition throughout the entire order. In addition as we are accustomed to see, one or two teams might get that specific part of the car better than everyone else and have an advantage. It could happen to any team, who will stretch what is allowed to the limit? Cars will look very different from the model that F1 presented us last year. That is just a baseline. Teams will exploit what they can to try and gain as much as possible, and that’s were resources come to play.

The W13

We cannot wait for the Teams to start launching their challengers, I am anxious to see how the new cars are going to look like. I expect them to be beautiful but very different to each other. With a longer calendar and brand new cars we hope is a very exiting season with consistency when it comes to rules and regulations since we didn’t have that last year. Looking forward to the new season. LP

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