Would the FIA be transparent?!

First, let’s look at the definition of a thorough investigation; one that is done very carefully and in a detailed way so that nothing is forgotten. Carried through to completion exhaustive mark by full detailed.

Looking at past reports from the FIA/Formula 1, the Abu Dhabi report should not be just two or three pages. If they are doing a very transparent report, they should include conversations between race director and stewards, radio communication between race director and marshals on track, every single type of information that can be use to make a final decision including what rules were not follow and what are the consequences. But are they doing it right? Are they going to cover something, someone or both.

In my opinion, if they were able to manipulate the outcome of a race while the entire world was watching, what are they capable of doing behind close doors? Who is conducting the investigation? Do they have a group of independent individuals outside of the Formula 1 realm? for a sport that lost all its credibility on 12/12/2021, it is hard to trust that they will do the right thing. If anyone out there have not seen the sky conversation please do, Ted Kravitz and Johnny Herbert seem to get the point on why we are so outraged.

During the conversation Kravitz added the findings must also clarify how that decision was made and in the most transparent fashion, so as to answer any comeback questions and end fans’ sentiments that are “eating away at the credibility of Formula 1”.

Kravitz explained: “In the past we’ve had teams on one [hand] going against teams on the other, it’s not [in] this case.

“It’s the team, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, against the governing body of the sport – and that’s where the fans feel what happened in Abu Dhabi was so wrong and where Mercedes maybe feel so wronged, and where F1 has a problem with sorting out its integrity and its confidence that people have in the sport.

“Because many fans are asking if those in charge just didn’t want Lewis Hamilton to become an eight-time World Champion, and if those in charge didn’t want Mercedes to win the Drivers’ World Championship.

“That’s the issue, whether it’s some sort of conspiracy. That’s what this commission needs to put to bed, once and for all. This commission from the FIA needs to put it clear there was no conspiracy here, it was just a misinterpretation, a misdirecting of our own rules – if that’s what they find.

“Of course, the ultimate question is ‘would Michael Masi have made the same decision had it been Max Verstappen in the lead on old, knackered hard tyres and Lewis Hamilton behind on fresh soft tyres?’

Having initially said lapped cars would not overtake the Safety Car, Masi and the FIA then decided the lapped cars between Hamilton and Verstappen on the road could then pass – clearing the path for the energy drink driver on the final lap.

With time having passed and that change of mind from Race Control, Kravitz feels the findings of the internal investigation must ensure there can be no room for any thoughts that the result was somehow geared towards Verstappen – as Formula 1’s credibility needs to be restored.

“Why did Masi change his mind? Did he have his mind changed for him? They have to be totally clear because it’s the credibility of the sport that fans are talking about.

“The fans think what happened was wrong, Mercedes think what happened was wrong, Lewis Hamilton thinks what happened was wrong and we need to sort that out.” Fellow Sky F1 presenter Rachael Brookes then added: “I have to say it’s not just Lewis’ fans on this, it actually is wider than that and I think that’s why it’s so important we get the answers we need from the FIA.”

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