Disrespectful to the energy drink driver!?

The word around the camp fire now is that Sir Lewis Hamilton not showing up to the FIA prize giving is very disrespectful to the energy drink driver. How can individuals be so reckless and speak like that with no consequences? In fact those individuals should be talking about how Lewis got disrespected in front of the world on 12/12/21? The immense disregard of the rules and regulations. It was disrespectful to the sport but more importantly to Lewis Hamilton and the other drivers as well.

Brazil 2021

So speaking of disrespect, let’s point out Brazil 2021.

As if the drama from Brazil needed more wind, the energy drink driver’s father came up with some disturbing allegations and very disrespectful to Lewis Hamilton on top of the many roadblocks he faced throughout that weekend. Lewis got disqualified after taking pole, went from P20 to P5 in the sprint race took another 5 place grid penalty, started the race 10th and went on to win the race.

Victory ✌🏽 in Brazil

This divided people into those who believed Lewis Hamilton as a driver showed his superiority. And those who felt Lewis Hamilton received some sort of unfair aid or advantage. Energy drink driver’s father is naturally in the latter category.

According to the energy drink driver’s father;

In Brazil Lewis Hamilton received through pressure in his hands something from his trainer and then returned in the car and lowered himself into the passenger compartment. If we added all up, there is something strange.

To put it in to better perspective, those individuals made the insinuation that Lewis Hamilton was under the effects of an illegal drug throughout the race weekend. I didn’t hear anyone defending Lewis after such an absurd comment, nobody! That is is disrespectful in every level. In fact the entire year of 2021 he got disrespected from the energy drink team to the energy drink team fans and nobody came to defend him. Nobody! So if he didn’t feel the need to show up to a manipulated prize given, he has the right to do that. Instead hopefully we see a transparent investigation like they said and the truth comes out!


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