Racism and ignorance at its best!

It’s time for Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes to shut up and race

Above are the tittle words use by Joe Capraro from his latest work. From the moment I saw it, I couldn’t help myself but to think about Feb 19 2018 when a journalist told LeBron James to just shut up and dribble. The backlash those words created was unprecedented. But at the same time it created more awareness towards injustices and racism. A documentary was created about it on how people of color shall never stop speaking out and standing up for what is right.


So after all that went down just a few years back when those words were used, we have another journalist using the same inappropriate tittle to his latest but really vague work. In fact, Lewis hasn’t say anything since 12/12/21. Is it the silence that is bothering these journalists? Is it confirmation that without Lewis Hamilton the sport will have a really hard time? It must be.

Indeed it was

You just can’t shut up and drive. That was a manipulation and a blockade towards Lewis Hamilton for the sake of entertainment and their Great White Hope! We must not shut up. We must not stop fighting. We must continue to push for what is right. Lewis Hamilton hasn’t said anything at all, his silence speaks volumes, but he has an entire world that witnessed the robbery at the desert and we want transparency!

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