What will Mercedes and Formula One lose?

If Lewis Hamilton retires, I said if he retires since I believe he will come back and just go HAM on everyone, both Formula One and Mercedes will have drastic effects. Both parties will immediately lose significant sponsorships and deals.

Drivers come and go in the world of motorsports, but no one in recent memory has kept the world on the edge of their seat like Lewis Hamilton. Companies may not say it publicly but, they are nervously waiting for Sir Lewis Hamilton to break his silence.

For even the fringe fan, it’s hard not to know how the 2021 F1 season ended in Abu Dhabi. Nicholas Latifi crashed with five laps remaining, bringing out the safety car. Initially, F1 race director Michael Masi said that no lapped cars would be allowed to pass the safety car under yellow, only to double back and bend the rules to allow just the cars in-between Hamilton and the energy drink driver to do so. The actions set up a one-lap race between the two drivers tied for first in the last race of the season. With the energy drink driver on fresher tires, he was able to pass Hamilton for the win and the championship.

Hamilton handled the situation post-race with class and dignity. But, radio communications to team Mercedes that were not released as part of the race broadcast tell the story. “This has been manipulated, man,” Hamilton said.

So think about how much money the FIA will lose on sponsorship, think about the United States 🇺🇸 where they are trying to make a bigger impact, and Lewis has a pretty remarkable fan base here. Would we go to the race? I personally wouldn’t go. How about the F1 TV app? Thousands of people maybe more have canceled their subscriptions myself included, we are talking about millions of dollars all together. Formula 1 needs Lewis Hamilton more than what Lewis needs Formula 1.

Lord Peter Hain, vice-chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on F1 and Labour peer, told the Express: “I think he will be back. F1 will be massively, massively damaged if he doesn’t.

“F1 will have been boosted by his contribution to his sport. There’s no other F1 champion who has had a greater reach into the average citizen right across the world than Lewis.”

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