When will enough be enough!??

For someone to just ignore what the rules are, to ignore what ethics are it’s not just a ignorance problem. It goes deeper than that. It starts how you were brought up by your parents. What example did they show you, did they corrected you when you were wrong? Or maybe you grew up not needing anything and use to walk all over everyone in front of you because you had the best everything. But still there are individuals that have everything from a very young age and act they way that is supposed to be. One example is Mick Schumacher. Very humble, very well behave. Well done!

Now we have the energy drink driver. An individual that acts like he is better than everyone else, like he is untouchable. Do and say things without fear of repercussions, because he has never been held accountable for his actions. He has been applauded for. Let’s go over a few of those actions.

2018 Brazil, after the race in the weighing area he confronted Esteban Ocon regarding the incident they had on track while Ocon was trying to unlap himself. The energy drink driver pushed him twice and started shouting with no regard of anything else going on around him. Nobody said anything about that in fact some even applaud him.

Let’s go forward a little, FP2 Portuguese GP. Misunderstanding with Lance Stroll. The energy drink driver looking to pass Stroll and assuming that Stroll is on a slow lap, dived the inside, meanwhile Stroll took the normal racing line, the two coalesced in the middle of the corner sending Stroll to the gravel. What came next was a burst of I say whatever I want from the energy drink driver.

Is this fucking guy blind? What the fuck is wrong with him? The next part is worst. What a retard! What a mongol! Retard is a well know slur against people with disabilities, he used the word Mongol, also has racial connotations. The energy drink driver has been able to publicly use ableist, borderline racist language without any fear of sanctions from those in charge. There’s been no apology from the energy drink driver, and the matter has been rather brushed under the carpet without any further inquiry from those involved.

That was not the last time on those radio outbursts since they have become normal and again with no repercussions. It is in fact mind blowing how those in charge ignore it. Most recently, at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, after countless acts of recklessness and disregard of the rules because he feels entitled to do so, he walks away from the podium and nobody says anything, in fact they praise him for it, and finally because I will literally need a whole day to write about it, during a sim race mocks Toto Wolff for the world to hear without any remorse because he has been enabled to do this things by everyone around him. Perfect example of how a white rich entitle kid that has never been corrected acts like.

Just want to remind everyone that if it was Lewis Hamilton doing all these things, oh boy! Y’all know what I mean! Other that that!! Keep y’all head up and never give up and always call out what is wrong!!! LP

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