My F1rst Love

A lot of people, on tweeter, on my tweeter space, my wife, my siblings and just friends that I talk to and see ask me if I will continue to follow Formula One when Lewis Hamilton retires?

It is a very good question that I like to answer by starting from why and when I started watching Formula one. It was 1988 when I was 10 years old, the United States Grand Prix in the streets of Detroit, Ayrton Senna won that race as many of you already know. I was hook. I fell in love with the sport and the brilliance of Ayrton Senna. I follow Senna since that time not missing a race. To me Senna was the greatest to ever do it at that time. After 1994 it kind of just didn’t have the same fire to me, I still watched it but didn’t care if a miss multiple races. It was not a big deal to me.

Ayrton Senna

Then when Kimi moved to McLaren I follow a little more not like before but I will make a little effort to watch the races. By the way I always stayed updated tho.

Lewis Hamilton

Then in 2007, a rookie by the name of Lewis Hamilton came in like a storm and that was it. I was back on my grind again, back on my don’t bother me on race weekends. Someone I can identify myself with. Lewis did more than just ignite once again the unconditional love for F1, it gave me hope on everything I did and do now. It goes as deep as my kids been passionate fans about Lewis.

So when he retires what would I do? I will probably not watch F1 religiously as I do, specially after the Abu Dhabi manipulation. I will stay inform and up to date and I would watch races but I wouldn’t cancel any plans on a Sunday like I will do this days without hesitation!!! And who would I be interested in winning races and championships?

Charles Leclerc, in my opinion he is a very talented driver with the capability of winning multiple championship. Also I consider him above the energy drink driver.

He is one that can go toe to toe with anyone and keep it clean and fair. He also has been victim of the dirty driving of the energy drink driver. I’m just starting facts. That is my answer on the question. In the mean time it is Hammer Time!!

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