Did the energy drink team played F1 to freeze development on power units with the idea that Honda was leaving at the end of 2021 so they could catch up to everyone else? I wouldn’t doubt it.

The way things are these days it is not crazy to think that manipulation is coming straight from the top. It is not fair for the other manufacturers to stop developing their power units. This had to be the plan all along, they knew what they were doing and together with the all corrupt group at RBR came up with the master plan. For Honda, a company that is being around for over 70 years, to just say oh we are not leaving anymore without any repercussions, it means that someone told them don’t worry we will keep this on the down low and you will be allowed to do so. It just seems to sketchy to me. We are not talking about a backyard company that runs on a $1000 budget a week. We are talking about F1, RBR and Honda. We are talking billions of dollars here folks. I just don’t get how can this happen and nobody is talking about it.

Makes me wonder how the corrupt racist group of RBR would react if this was Mercedes or even Ferrari? It seems like the rules apply to everyone else except for RBR if you know what I mean.

Lying corrupt racist POS at RBR

In the mean time what would F1 do? Are they going to explain this. The most simple explanation will be that the engine freeze will continue and no harm no foul but that is not the point. The point is that there were lies and cover up here. They allowed Honda and RBR to hustle everyone and now they are comfortable and competitive so why leave? Ride the wave while you can! Formula one y’all got played, maybe not because y’all knew about it. This sport if it is even a sport anymore is becoming more toxic and garbage by the minute. On my part the second the Goat 🐐 Sir Lewis Hamilton retires from the sport I ain’t watching this bullshit no more!

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