Lewis Hamilton is bigger than Formula 1! Facts on Facts!!!!

Mr. Hammer Time

Lewis Hamilton is the greatest formula one driver of all time. I believe his greatest attribute is his humbleness and activism, how great of a human being he is. Today Lewis graced us with his presence on social media after almost two months and that is how we can connect with people today. I am going to pretend to be a neutral fan for this one.

After the Abu Dhabi race, the farce that went around the world Lewis went silent and given what conspired that night is completely understandable. Anybody else would have done the same after being robbed in front of the whole world to see. Days went on and TeamLH and Fans started to call out the atrocities and manipulation that went on that night at the desert. The incompetence of Michael Masi who I believe should have never been a race director in the first place.

The world of F1 was and still in a very dark place. They don’t even know how they are going to get out of it or even if they ever will. They gotten themselves in to it for the sake of entertainment. They have lost money in the market, sponsors, but most important fans, and some of those fans were new comers that were attracted to the sport but after what went down at AD they left and never coming back.

As of lately they have been putting publicity stunts with their fake champion in the snow with an old Red Bull car with the number 1 that will forever be tainted and questionable for generations to come. Maybe to get people excited but only fans of that specific team and driver may be happy about that. Then we get a launch of a haas car that look like a Roblox car made by a 8 year old is a computer game. No one didn’t ever care. Formula one is in a dark place right down in the bottom and with an investigation in progress being conducted by themselves, are we going to get transparency like they are claiming they will? I extremely doubt that.

But today, February 5th 2022, the world of F1, TeamLH, the fans got the hope we were waiting for. And what a relief it was. Lewis Hamilton connection with the fans through social media was bigger than the sport itself, and that is why I have always said that he is bigger than F1, they need him not the other way around. F1 news were not breaking news since the end of the season, but one person, Lewis Hamilton posting a picture at the Grand Canyon quoting that he is back was breaking news world wide! Yes FIA/F1 the man you robbed is your savior, the man that has stand alone his entire career is the face of the sport. It is time for y’all to accept it and start thanking Lewis for what he is and what he is about to do! It is Hammer Time!

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