The series’ CEO Stefano Domenicali said it intends to focus on action rather than gestures to advance diversity and other causes represented by ‘We Race As One’.

The initiative was launched ahead of the first race of 2020, which was delayed due to the outbreak of Covid-19. It was prompted in part by the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in response to the death of George Floyd in America.

Mercedes have been notified of the planned changes. The team’s driver Lewis Hamilton has repeatedly urged F1 to encourage greater diversity and formed his own commission to investigate the issue.

As Stefano Domenicali quoted, now the series intends to focus on actions instead of gestures. Taking a knee is not a gesture, is an action. Wearing a shirt with a message for the world to see in a country where human rights are violated, is an action. Speaking out on an interview in a country where human rights are not respected is an action. Formula one had the chance to take action plenty of times and didn’t do it. Sir Lewis Hamilton has been taking action and paving the road for them to do it. Can’t forget about Sebastian Vettel he has do a lot as well now that he has follow in to Lewis steps.

Also, why the need to notify Mercedes of the changes like they won’t know about it? Is this a change or a dig directly to Lewis? That’s what it seems to me. Let me tell you something formula 1 I haven’t seen you take action at all. You had you chances and plenty of them and didn’t do a damn thing. So the day that you stop worrying about where your money and entertainment comes from that will be the day I might start thinking that you are up for change! LP


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