What it means to have an unfair advantage.

By definition, unfair advantage Law and Definition Unfair advantage is a subjective term that is measured by a standard of proper conduct for persons in similar positions. Unfair generally mean UNJUST, and typically involves acts deemed UNETHICAL.

If we really want to get more in to detail, there are more terms that we can also use.

  • Insider information
  • Personal authority
  • Large network effect
  • Ranking effects

In 1980 Rosie Ruiz won the Boston marathon, but was stripped of the tittle after it was discovered through an investigation from an OUTSIDE firm that she left the race, took the subway, then got back in the race miles after. She was 20 minutes faster than her previous personal record. By not following the rules she gained a competitive advantage.

In 2006, five Italian soccer teams rigged favorable referee appoints for several of their games. All teams were severely punished. Juventus, the main perpetrators of the scandal, were punished the most, by having to FORFEIT two of its tittles. (See where I’m going with this)

We all know about Lance Armstrong story, won the Tour de France seven times, but ultimately was stripped of all his titles after it was discovered through a TRANSPARENT investigation in 2012 that he was using performance enhancing drugs but never failed a drug test because he was being protected.

And now it takes me to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Where clearly, the race was manipulated, where clearly one driver was given a competitive advantage under circumstances that still cannot be comprehended. Rules were not follow, rules were made up on the fly as if it was ok to do that and nobody said anything, like it was all planned. A race director allowed a technical director to dictate how the race was going to be restarted. Unacceptable in every angle something that cannot be just forgotten. LP

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