Can’t help the ones that don’t want to see!

When there is a problem, so obvious, and still people that choose to just ignore it, then we have a bigger problem than the problem itself.


There was a problem at the Abu Dhabi race, for reasons that we are yet been able to comprehend, and for some it seem that we are unable to let it go, no we can’t, and we will never forget what happened, Lewis Hamilton will never forget what was done to HIM! It was wrong on every angle, and the worst part is how comfortable the perpetrators felt doing it. With no remorse whatsoever. Maybe there was political and financial interest to some as the great Ayrton Senna once said.

Shall never

The movement keeps going on and on as it should. And it has to no matter what happens. We keep pushing. Justice needs to prevail against evil, it’s the only way forward. There’s got to be a way to make those individuals that are choosing to stay blind, to make them realize and speak the truth that an act of robbery happened that night, that rules were not follow and a group of people in charge of making sure rules are upheld opted to ignore everything that is written in black and white. Unacceptably wrong.

Savage Mode

In the meantime, all roads lead to a determined Lewis Hamilton, maybe a Lewis Hamilton that we have never seen before, a Savage but gracefully one that will do just like his father thought him, do your talking on the track. And by God he will.


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