My F1rst Love

A lot of people, on tweeter, on my tweeter space, my wife, my siblings and just friends that I talk to and see ask me if I will continue to follow Formula One when Lewis Hamilton retires?

It is a very good question that I like to answer by starting from why and when I started watching Formula one. It was 1988 when I was 10 years old, the United States Grand Prix in the streets of Detroit, Ayrton Senna won that race as many of you already know. I was hook. I fell in love with the sport and the brilliance of Ayrton Senna. I follow Senna since that time not missing a race. To me Senna was the greatest to ever do it at that time. After 1994 it kind of just didn’t have the same fire to me, I still watched it but didn’t care if a miss multiple races. It was not a big deal to me.

Ayrton Senna

Then when Kimi moved to McLaren I follow a little more not like before but I will make a little effort to watch the races. By the way I always stayed updated tho.

Lewis Hamilton

Then in 2007, a rookie by the name of Lewis Hamilton came in like a storm and that was it. I was back on my grind again, back on my don’t bother me on race weekends. Someone I can identify myself with. Lewis did more than just ignite once again the unconditional love for F1, it gave me hope on everything I did and do now. It goes as deep as my kids been passionate fans about Lewis.

So when he retires what would I do? I will probably not watch F1 religiously as I do, specially after the Abu Dhabi manipulation. I will stay inform and up to date and I would watch races but I wouldn’t cancel any plans on a Sunday like I will do this days without hesitation!!! And who would I be interested in winning races and championships?

Charles Leclerc, in my opinion he is a very talented driver with the capability of winning multiple championship. Also I consider him above the energy drink driver.

He is one that can go toe to toe with anyone and keep it clean and fair. He also has been victim of the dirty driving of the energy drink driver. I’m just starting facts. That is my answer on the question. In the mean time it is Hammer Time!!

What will Mercedes and Formula One lose?

If Lewis Hamilton retires, I said if he retires since I believe he will come back and just go HAM on everyone, both Formula One and Mercedes will have drastic effects. Both parties will immediately lose significant sponsorships and deals.

Drivers come and go in the world of motorsports, but no one in recent memory has kept the world on the edge of their seat like Lewis Hamilton. Companies may not say it publicly but, they are nervously waiting for Sir Lewis Hamilton to break his silence.

For even the fringe fan, it’s hard not to know how the 2021 F1 season ended in Abu Dhabi. Nicholas Latifi crashed with five laps remaining, bringing out the safety car. Initially, F1 race director Michael Masi said that no lapped cars would be allowed to pass the safety car under yellow, only to double back and bend the rules to allow just the cars in-between Hamilton and the energy drink driver to do so. The actions set up a one-lap race between the two drivers tied for first in the last race of the season. With the energy drink driver on fresher tires, he was able to pass Hamilton for the win and the championship.

Hamilton handled the situation post-race with class and dignity. But, radio communications to team Mercedes that were not released as part of the race broadcast tell the story. “This has been manipulated, man,” Hamilton said.

So think about how much money the FIA will lose on sponsorship, think about the United States 🇺🇸 where they are trying to make a bigger impact, and Lewis has a pretty remarkable fan base here. Would we go to the race? I personally wouldn’t go. How about the F1 TV app? Thousands of people maybe more have canceled their subscriptions myself included, we are talking about millions of dollars all together. Formula 1 needs Lewis Hamilton more than what Lewis needs Formula 1.

Lord Peter Hain, vice-chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on F1 and Labour peer, told the Express: “I think he will be back. F1 will be massively, massively damaged if he doesn’t.

“F1 will have been boosted by his contribution to his sport. There’s no other F1 champion who has had a greater reach into the average citizen right across the world than Lewis.”

When will enough be enough!??

For someone to just ignore what the rules are, to ignore what ethics are it’s not just a ignorance problem. It goes deeper than that. It starts how you were brought up by your parents. What example did they show you, did they corrected you when you were wrong? Or maybe you grew up not needing anything and use to walk all over everyone in front of you because you had the best everything. But still there are individuals that have everything from a very young age and act they way that is supposed to be. One example is Mick Schumacher. Very humble, very well behave. Well done!

Now we have the energy drink driver. An individual that acts like he is better than everyone else, like he is untouchable. Do and say things without fear of repercussions, because he has never been held accountable for his actions. He has been applauded for. Let’s go over a few of those actions.

2018 Brazil, after the race in the weighing area he confronted Esteban Ocon regarding the incident they had on track while Ocon was trying to unlap himself. The energy drink driver pushed him twice and started shouting with no regard of anything else going on around him. Nobody said anything about that in fact some even applaud him.

Let’s go forward a little, FP2 Portuguese GP. Misunderstanding with Lance Stroll. The energy drink driver looking to pass Stroll and assuming that Stroll is on a slow lap, dived the inside, meanwhile Stroll took the normal racing line, the two coalesced in the middle of the corner sending Stroll to the gravel. What came next was a burst of I say whatever I want from the energy drink driver.

Is this fucking guy blind? What the fuck is wrong with him? The next part is worst. What a retard! What a mongol! Retard is a well know slur against people with disabilities, he used the word Mongol, also has racial connotations. The energy drink driver has been able to publicly use ableist, borderline racist language without any fear of sanctions from those in charge. There’s been no apology from the energy drink driver, and the matter has been rather brushed under the carpet without any further inquiry from those involved.

That was not the last time on those radio outbursts since they have become normal and again with no repercussions. It is in fact mind blowing how those in charge ignore it. Most recently, at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, after countless acts of recklessness and disregard of the rules because he feels entitled to do so, he walks away from the podium and nobody says anything, in fact they praise him for it, and finally because I will literally need a whole day to write about it, during a sim race mocks Toto Wolff for the world to hear without any remorse because he has been enabled to do this things by everyone around him. Perfect example of how a white rich entitle kid that has never been corrected acts like.

Just want to remind everyone that if it was Lewis Hamilton doing all these things, oh boy! Y’all know what I mean! Other that that!! Keep y’all head up and never give up and always call out what is wrong!!! LP

Racism and ignorance at its best!

It’s time for Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes to shut up and race

Above are the tittle words use by Joe Capraro from his latest work. From the moment I saw it, I couldn’t help myself but to think about Feb 19 2018 when a journalist told LeBron James to just shut up and dribble. The backlash those words created was unprecedented. But at the same time it created more awareness towards injustices and racism. A documentary was created about it on how people of color shall never stop speaking out and standing up for what is right.


So after all that went down just a few years back when those words were used, we have another journalist using the same inappropriate tittle to his latest but really vague work. In fact, Lewis hasn’t say anything since 12/12/21. Is it the silence that is bothering these journalists? Is it confirmation that without Lewis Hamilton the sport will have a really hard time? It must be.

Indeed it was

You just can’t shut up and drive. That was a manipulation and a blockade towards Lewis Hamilton for the sake of entertainment and their Great White Hope! We must not shut up. We must not stop fighting. We must continue to push for what is right. Lewis Hamilton hasn’t said anything at all, his silence speaks volumes, but he has an entire world that witnessed the robbery at the desert and we want transparency!

Disrespectful to the energy drink driver!?

The word around the camp fire now is that Sir Lewis Hamilton not showing up to the FIA prize giving is very disrespectful to the energy drink driver. How can individuals be so reckless and speak like that with no consequences? In fact those individuals should be talking about how Lewis got disrespected in front of the world on 12/12/21? The immense disregard of the rules and regulations. It was disrespectful to the sport but more importantly to Lewis Hamilton and the other drivers as well.

Brazil 2021

So speaking of disrespect, let’s point out Brazil 2021.

As if the drama from Brazil needed more wind, the energy drink driver’s father came up with some disturbing allegations and very disrespectful to Lewis Hamilton on top of the many roadblocks he faced throughout that weekend. Lewis got disqualified after taking pole, went from P20 to P5 in the sprint race took another 5 place grid penalty, started the race 10th and went on to win the race.

Victory ✌🏽 in Brazil

This divided people into those who believed Lewis Hamilton as a driver showed his superiority. And those who felt Lewis Hamilton received some sort of unfair aid or advantage. Energy drink driver’s father is naturally in the latter category.

According to the energy drink driver’s father;

In Brazil Lewis Hamilton received through pressure in his hands something from his trainer and then returned in the car and lowered himself into the passenger compartment. If we added all up, there is something strange.

To put it in to better perspective, those individuals made the insinuation that Lewis Hamilton was under the effects of an illegal drug throughout the race weekend. I didn’t hear anyone defending Lewis after such an absurd comment, nobody! That is is disrespectful in every level. In fact the entire year of 2021 he got disrespected from the energy drink team to the energy drink team fans and nobody came to defend him. Nobody! So if he didn’t feel the need to show up to a manipulated prize given, he has the right to do that. Instead hopefully we see a transparent investigation like they said and the truth comes out!


Would the FIA be transparent?!

First, let’s look at the definition of a thorough investigation; one that is done very carefully and in a detailed way so that nothing is forgotten. Carried through to completion exhaustive mark by full detailed.

Looking at past reports from the FIA/Formula 1, the Abu Dhabi report should not be just two or three pages. If they are doing a very transparent report, they should include conversations between race director and stewards, radio communication between race director and marshals on track, every single type of information that can be use to make a final decision including what rules were not follow and what are the consequences. But are they doing it right? Are they going to cover something, someone or both.

In my opinion, if they were able to manipulate the outcome of a race while the entire world was watching, what are they capable of doing behind close doors? Who is conducting the investigation? Do they have a group of independent individuals outside of the Formula 1 realm? for a sport that lost all its credibility on 12/12/2021, it is hard to trust that they will do the right thing. If anyone out there have not seen the sky conversation please do, Ted Kravitz and Johnny Herbert seem to get the point on why we are so outraged.

During the conversation Kravitz added the findings must also clarify how that decision was made and in the most transparent fashion, so as to answer any comeback questions and end fans’ sentiments that are “eating away at the credibility of Formula 1”.

Kravitz explained: “In the past we’ve had teams on one [hand] going against teams on the other, it’s not [in] this case.

“It’s the team, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, against the governing body of the sport – and that’s where the fans feel what happened in Abu Dhabi was so wrong and where Mercedes maybe feel so wronged, and where F1 has a problem with sorting out its integrity and its confidence that people have in the sport.

“Because many fans are asking if those in charge just didn’t want Lewis Hamilton to become an eight-time World Champion, and if those in charge didn’t want Mercedes to win the Drivers’ World Championship.

“That’s the issue, whether it’s some sort of conspiracy. That’s what this commission needs to put to bed, once and for all. This commission from the FIA needs to put it clear there was no conspiracy here, it was just a misinterpretation, a misdirecting of our own rules – if that’s what they find.

“Of course, the ultimate question is ‘would Michael Masi have made the same decision had it been Max Verstappen in the lead on old, knackered hard tyres and Lewis Hamilton behind on fresh soft tyres?’

Having initially said lapped cars would not overtake the Safety Car, Masi and the FIA then decided the lapped cars between Hamilton and Verstappen on the road could then pass – clearing the path for the energy drink driver on the final lap.

With time having passed and that change of mind from Race Control, Kravitz feels the findings of the internal investigation must ensure there can be no room for any thoughts that the result was somehow geared towards Verstappen – as Formula 1’s credibility needs to be restored.

“Why did Masi change his mind? Did he have his mind changed for him? They have to be totally clear because it’s the credibility of the sport that fans are talking about.

“The fans think what happened was wrong, Mercedes think what happened was wrong, Lewis Hamilton thinks what happened was wrong and we need to sort that out.” Fellow Sky F1 presenter Rachael Brookes then added: “I have to say it’s not just Lewis’ fans on this, it actually is wider than that and I think that’s why it’s so important we get the answers we need from the FIA.”

What is really behind the investigation at Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix should have been red flagged following Nicholas Latifi’s crash in the latter stages of the race. The crash brought out the safety car, which enabled the energy drink driver to pit for soft tires whilst Lewis Hamilton opted to stay out on his old, hard tires, ahead of a potential restart.

The FIA shared an update pertaining to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix investigation on Thursday, including its next steps and when the findings will be released. March 18, two days before the start of the 2022 season. The energy drink driver world championship came with controversy in December. Due to lapped cars, there were five cars between first place Hamilton and second place energy drink driver, though all of those cars were behind the two race leaders in overall time. Race officials initially decided those lapped cars could not overtake the safety car. Team principal asked raced director “why aren’t we getting these cars out of the way? We only need one racing lap” those five cars were allowed to move and those five cars only putting the energy drink driver right behind Hamilton on fresh soft tires.

Debacle in progress

Team Principal Toto Wolf previously said he and Hamilton are disillusioned with formula one given the outcome, and these findings could reportedly determine whether the British star will continue to compete or retire.

An FIA spokesperson said the investigation will be thorough, objective and transparent, words that seem to be use recklessly as of late. Although Mercedes withdrew their intent to appeal against the race outcome, they remained hugely angered and dismayed about the handling of the safety car period by the race director after a chain of events which saw Lewis Hamilton lose the world title on the final lap to the energy drink driver.

Disbelief in progress

Lewis Hamilton’s future remains unclear ahead of the 2022 season, the outcome of the FIA’s investigation is understood to be key to its resolution. Hamilton has not spoken publicly since the initial aftermath of the race, when he conducted a brief pre-podium interview and congratulated the energy drink driver. His only well known comment on the events of the final laps is when he told his race engineer the words heard around the world “this has been manipulated” over the team radio.

It’s going to take a long time to digest what happened. Lewis got robbed of the 2021 WDC. Hopefully Lewis overcomes the pain, he is the face of the sport and the greatest of all time. LP

Journalists and Pundits just don’t get it.

Has everyone seen this??????! 🤯

Above is the link to what Damon Hill just posted, my first reaction was, they just don’t get it. Lewis Hamilton does not want to be handed over a championship, that is not the point. The point is that the results, the season was manipulated in favor of the other Team and driver. We as fans speak on what we see, Mercedes and Lewis speak on what they see, hear and witness. Remember, they are the ones in the live action of everything.

What does disillusioned means: disappointed in someone or something that one discovers to be less good than one had believed. Who wouldn’t be after what went on at Abu Dhabi. Lewis has lost all trust in the governing body. They can tell you all these cool stuff that they are saying lately but we all know what is the deal. In my opinion they are doing something because the outrage of all TeamLH and fans of the sport not necessarily Lewis Hamilton fans.

Wrong is wrong

The problem we face is that there is a lot of people that know the race was manipulated, the rules were not follow as they should and a fake champion was crowned. Those folks are afraid to speak up to the system because calling people and entities out is not good for some and they will probably lose their jobs, so let’s just not stand up for what is right and let all the corruption and manipulation prevail. As for my understanding Johnny Herbert and Nico Rosberg were the only ones to call out F1 and the FIA right on the spot everyone else have stayed silent. It is time for people to accept they got it wrong, that rules were not follow as they were supposed to.

All day everyday

The sport’s biggest start, the one responsible for a new generation of fans, a new generation of young minorities that want to believe and become formula one world champions is awaiting the results of an investigation that deep down inside all of us could be already compromised. The world sits and wait on what the future holds and might not be ready for the 8th world champion to walk away. LP


What to expect from a very unpredictable 2022 Formula 1 season

There is a lot of anticipation about the 2022 Formula one season. From a completely redesigned car, to circuits making it back to calendar since 2019. The biggest question mark should be weather Sir Lewis Hamilton comes back or walks away.

23 races are scheduled to take part in this years calendar including the Miami Grand Prix build around the Hard Rock stadium complex. Very fast very narrow.

2022 F1 Calendar

This upcoming season will be different in a lot of ways, fans will look at it very different from previous ones because of what hangs around last year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Manipulation and rules broken, unacceptable.

Going back to expectations, how will the pecking order looks like? What teams are going to make the most gains? Some questions that we are all asking among us. Where will Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull end up? Ferrari has been working on their 2022 challenger and have been quiet about it. Ferrari in my opinion will be the surprise of the season. Also can’t forget about Aston Martin and McLaren, they have the resources to produce a very competitive car. How about the bottom of the order? Williams, Alfa Romeo? We have to remember that these new regulations are simpler and very straightforward. We should have more competition throughout the entire order. In addition as we are accustomed to see, one or two teams might get that specific part of the car better than everyone else and have an advantage. It could happen to any team, who will stretch what is allowed to the limit? Cars will look very different from the model that F1 presented us last year. That is just a baseline. Teams will exploit what they can to try and gain as much as possible, and that’s were resources come to play.

The W13

We cannot wait for the Teams to start launching their challengers, I am anxious to see how the new cars are going to look like. I expect them to be beautiful but very different to each other. With a longer calendar and brand new cars we hope is a very exiting season with consistency when it comes to rules and regulations since we didn’t have that last year. Looking forward to the new season. LP

Could F1 survive the immediate future without its biggest star?

Lewis Hamilton after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Rumor mills are working overtime as of lately all around the F1 world. Insiders are saying that Lewis has lost trust in the governing body. Who wouldn’t? After the debacle and disrespectful way the rules were not follow at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Mercedes made decisions during the safety car period in accordance with the rules.

The moment the world stood still

It’s been almost a month, tomorrow to be exact since we heard from Lewis, he has been disconnected from all social media outlets and deserves all the time he needs to get over one of the greatest heist if not the greatest robbery in sports history. We are all outraged still, and that is us as fans, imagine the person that dominated the entire race, drove a MasterClass from the start on slower tires and to be five laps away from extending his own record of championships for the rules to be manipulated in favor of entertainment and their great white hope? One thing that we as fans need to understand is that Lewis is doing perfectly fine. He just don’t want to put himself in situations that he doesn’t want at the moment.

If he is waiting on the investigation to be done before he makes a decision to come back or walk away, is there any hope after what the FIA and Michael Masi pulled out? Obviously he has no faith in them and why should he? There is no doubt in my mind that the race was manipulated and rules were not follow in accordance with. Time will tell on what the future holds for formula 1. In my opinion if Sir Lewis Hamilton walks away from the sport they will lose more than just the greatest of all time.

In the mean time we hope he comes back and reminds everyone who Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton really is. An eight time world champion.

Is it generational or all time greatness?

The greatest of all time.

What is to be considered the greatest of all time? Is the term used to describe the ultimate incarnation of anything. From an athlete to an automobile, frequently used in popular lists of superlatives. Muhammad Ali is considered the Greatest in boxing. Michael Jordan is the greatest scorer the league has ever seen. He won a record 10 scoring tittles, and has a career average of 30.1, the most in history. In the NFL Tom Brady is considered the greatest of all time. More rings, more wins, more TD more everything than anybody else. All three of them different generations but still to be considered GOATS.

When it comes to Formula 1, the same concept shall apply. Regardless of generation there is one considered the greatest of all time.

There is a handful of drivers that are considered great. Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, and Juan Manuel Fangio. Anyone’s list could be larger than four drivers, that depends on who are you having this conversation with. Ever since the Formula 1 championship started it’s been an evolving process from cars, drivers, and technical advance from factories to components. Formula 1 cars with time have gotten faster and more complex to drive around the track. Think about the different changes a driver does on a single lap on a modern F1 car. From differential settings to brake balance to entry and mid corner inputs, it’s mind blowing how much work gets put in a single lap not mentioning the G Forces. To put it in perspective, think about how an early 50’s F1 steering wheel looks like to a modern F1 steering wheel looks like today.

Evolution of the steering wheel

We can go on and on with different components of the car, but the main reason for having this conversation is that no matter what generation a driver races in, if you are the greatest, you are the greatest of all time.

Lewis Hamilton

In my opinion, Lewis Hamilton is the greatest formula one driver of all time. 103 wins, 103 pole positions 7 world titles just to mention a few records. They way he has dominated the sport is something that we have never seen before. To the point that even with an inferior car in 2021 he had to be stopped with manipulation of rules and regulations in favor of entertainment. Hopefully after you read this, you can call a few friends and have a friendly debate on who is the greatest formula one driver of all time.

The Race that launch a thousand ships.

It’s been almost a month since the debacle at Abu Dhabi. Winds of words still being heard around the world about how can the FIA pull something so disrespectful and shameless. Casual fans come up to me in awe about how Lewis Hamilton got robbed of a record braking 8th world tittle. Remember, this are casual fans, not hard core fans like me and you who bleed, sweat and breathe Formula one.

The entire formula one world still can’t believe that the rules were manipulated in favor of entertainment. We heard all year around that it will be better for the sport to have someone else win the tittle. But the fact is that Lewis Hamilton it’s just that great, he kept the championship alive the entire season with a slower car, doing everything he could to make it all the way to the end. Heads were being scratched on how in the world he could keep the fight going with an inferior car.

Brazil. The turning point.

Lewis was definitely on another level for the last four races. He is been there done that. He knew what it takes to win clean and clear. For God sake he is a seven time world champion. He smoke checked the energy drink driver for the last four races and they didn’t have an answer for it. At Abu Dhabi lewis got the race won from the start. There was no slowing him down. They tried and failed.

So when they saw that no driver could beat him on track, they bend the rules. They took everyone’s breath away with how irresponsible and reckless the rules were ignored. It was manipulated. That is a fact. TeamLH will not be silenced. We will move on, I have move on. I’am looking forward for this year’s season. It will be a reminder of way Lewis Hamilton is the greatest of all time. Against all odds, on track and off track he will prevail. He has an entire army behind and again we will move on but we will never forget!

We will never forget.